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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Duty Manager at Rivertrees

Rivertrees Country Inn is currently hiring a Duty Manager, based on the following qualifications:

The duty manager at Rivertrees must lead by example. A duty manager must supervise and work with the team at the same time--this is not an administrative position. We are looking for character, excellent English, some computer skills, outstanding personal appearance and total honesty.

Rivertrees is a place for teamwork where we care, listen and support each team member’s worries, requests and issues. The duty manager is part of this team and must help in promoting this attitude. Please only apply if you have had at least 6 years of service experience and if you have worked in several notable hotels and lodges.


· General overview of Restaurant operations
· General overview of the Bar
· In charge of the Rivertrees standard restaurant mise en place
· Cashiering of bills
· Submission of daily sales
· Performing open Bar and Restaurant Inventory
· Supervision of all Restaurant and Kitchen staff
· In charge of cleanliness in the Restaurant and Kitchen
· Training of new employees
· Training and evaluation of Hospitality school Trainees
· Supervision of correct garbage handling

The above is just a short outline of responsibilities covered by the duty manager. A full job description will be issued once a start date is agreed upon. Tanzanian citizens need only apply.

Please send your CV and cover letter ONLY via email to sales(at) If you are contacted for an interview, please bring the relevant certificates to support your CV.


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