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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Serengeti (World Heritage Site) in Danger

Serengeti is in trouble although not a new practice to this World Heritage Site. We have been seeing increased number of permenent properties set in this site regardless of the public being against. Now if the government insists and put in place the project intended, in very near future, the popularity of this natural wealth to Tanzania will cease. Masai Mara used to be very popular, one because of its nature endownment although second due to marketing. Today, its popularity is shrinking as the park is mainly dominated by hotel properties instead of wildlife. We need to care about the nature we have....when it goes its gone.....its not renewable and we have to learn this. Who cares then. Please lets update ourselves by visiting the specific website "save the serengeti"

The planned highway (in red on the map) will cut across a pristine and remote wilderness area of the Serengeti. It carves a swath across the migration path of millions of animals, shown by the colored arrows. This is not a track or a road — it’s a high speed highway for trucks that could eventually reach hundreds a day! Traffic will inevitably grow more and more frequent, invasive, and damaging as time goes on.

One of the newly introduced rhinos, recently ended up like this!!
Dead Rhino, this is now, what will happen when we have this highway then? Let us think more than twice before we implement. It is even cheaper to schedule daily flights for everyone to and fro intended destinations that constructing the highway through serengeti. If we sit down and re-think, there are many alternatives and are possible.

Experts at the Frankfurt Zoological Society estimate the traffic could be “on average 416 large trucks a day potentially rumbling through Serengeti.”

In the short term, heavy truck traffic will result in: loss of wildlife and human life through accidents, fragmentation of habitat and alteration of water and soil systems, and increased introduction of animal disease and alien plant life.

The highway will be a convenient pathway for increased poaching by organized gangs. They will be especially interested in the thirty-two black rhinos being introduced by the Frankfort Zoo in the next few years.


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